Small Sod Job

A small sod job in a pool area involves preparing the ground, clearing away any debris, and leveling the soil to create a smooth surface. Fresh rolls of sod are then carefully laid out. After installation, the sod is immediately watered to help it settle into the soil and establish root growth. Ongoing maintenance, including regular watering and fertilization, is crucial to ensure the sod remains healthy and vibrant. This quick and efficient process transforms the pool area, providing a lush green surface that enhances the beauty and enjoyment of the outdoor space.

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Pretty soon, your yard will be covered with leaves and other debris. Get on our clean up list early. Don’t wait until the last minute.

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Leaves should be removed from your lawn on a regular basis. A heavy layer of leaves can mat on a lawn, especially when wet, and smother the grass. It is important to make sure the lawn goes into winter free of leaves and any other debris.